About the client

Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Brothers is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Scotch whisky and premium gin. Dating back more than 200 years and with an impressive portfolio of spirits under their name, Chivas Brothers are well respected around the globe.


Each year, Chivas host their Masters Cocktail Competition, which invites the best bartenders from around the world to compete for the title of Global Champion. The 2018 Global Final took place in the UK at London’s vibrant Oval Space in Bethnal Green.


Staying true to their brand identity, it was important for Chivas Brothers to use modern technology at their prestigious event. Opting for an RFID event solution ensured that they were in keeping with the latest event tech developments.

In previous years, every aspect of their popular Cocktail Competition was carried out manually, from entry management to issuing drinks tokens and counting up the votes.

On arrival, the entry staff had to manually search for the attendee names on the printed guest lists, which quickly built up the queues. The paper drinks tokens could be easily lost at the venue and the manual voting system turned out to be a lengthy process.

Chivas Brothers wanted to simplify the entire process, so they approached Nutickets for an all-in-one digital solution that would:

  • Simplify access control
  • Eliminate cash handling
  • Replace paper drinks tokens
  • Provide a digital voting system

These great ideas called for some cutting edge technology to fully satisfy the Chivas Brothers’ needs within a quick turnaround period.

We were able to offer Chivas everything they were looking for in one integrated solution that worked seamlessly at the venue. Our RFID technology wasn’t only used for managing cashless payments. Access control, drinks tokens and the voting system operated on the same system via unique RFID wristbands, totally eliminating the need for paper.

Access control

The Nutickets Entry App made access control smooth, quick and efficient.. The entry staff electronically verified that attendees were on the guest list with a quick scan of their email confirmations. This solution not only reduced the waiting time, but enabled each cocktail fan to have a Chivas-branded wristband assigned to them. Our App loaded the RFID enabled wristbands with their personal information, meaning that every time an attendee’s wrist was scanned, all the data about their purchase was captured.

RFID wristbands

Whisky fans were invited to sample a cocktail from each of the shortlisted bars by using their wristbands pre-loaded with free drinks tokens. The digital tokens were redeemed with a quick tap of the wristbands, providing a much more secure and efficient token system. Attendees could also top up their wristbands with cashless credits, that could be exchanged for fantastic cocktail creations at the cash-free bars.

Data capture

Voting was also done via RFID, making the process simpler for both the attendees and event staff. Votes were cast with a quick tap at the RFID scanners and totalled automatically in real-time, enabling the organisers to identify the winner immediately.

Our experts on hand

Our cashless experts were able to respond to their specific requirements very quickly. They helped to organise the required equipment and the team provided full on-site training before the event to ensure everything ran smoothly. As the system is designed with simplicity in mind, it was only a matter of minutes before everyone was comfortable and up to speed with the new technology.